Dynamic Plants

Dynamic Plants is featuring the Lavendula Purple Rain variety

Culture Information for Purple Rain:

Lavendula Purple Rain - Finish Grow Schedule
Lavandula Stoeches (Spanish)
Perennial - Zone 7

General Growth Habit Medium Trailing

Container Size
(liner size 72 cell)
Plants Per Pot Transplant to
Finish (Weeks)

Finishing- Pinch Benefit yes (After roots established)
Pinch in pot after transplant 2-3 wk (After roots established)

Vernalization / Cooling
Vernalization Required Cooling Benefits
Cooling Minimum 4-6 Weeks
Cooling Temperature 40-42F

Temperature Night Day
Before cooling 58-64F 65-75F
During Cooling/Vernalization 40-42F 40-42F
After Vernalization 58-64F 65-75F

Light level General High
Photoperioci Requirements Daylight Neutral
Supplemental? NA

Irrigation / Fertility
Allow media to dry between through waterings NA
High Light Low Light
Fertilize Rate 22-5-16 15-0-15
PH Range 5.4 - 5.8
EC Range Med

Botrytis, root rot

Aphids, Fungus Gnats, Thrips

*Information to be used as guidelines only, crop times, grow habit will vary depending location,
climate, time of year and environmental conditions
12" Basket Picture above Grow Schedule-Colorado 2022-2023
Stik-Wk 32, Transplant Wk-40 (pinched 102 liner/6 plugs per pot
in Picture), could go to 4-5 plugs with Florel Spray. Cool wk 2,
Warm week 10, Flower wk 17

General Comments
Apply preventative Fungicide drench & sprays
Keep plants on dryer side for improved finish
size and flower count
keep foliage dry to prevent fungal diseases
Full sun necessary for proper bloom set

PGR Suggestions - As Needed
Summagic 4-6 PPM
B-Nine 1500-2500 PPM